Our Experience

Almost 20 years of experience in private security, security forces, threat and risk assessment and Japanese combat-oriented martial arts training. Experience in multiple countries.

With our expertise and passion we provide our clients with a high-degree of innovation by applying the latest technologies, control and integration of security services, as well as a high-level of quality in the processes involved through personalized attention and care of our staff. Experience in executive protection for government officials, celebrities, professional athletes, CEOs, religious leaders. Training of Military Special Forces.


Private Security

  • Corporate, Facilities, Institutions and Executive Security
    Risk Management
  • Risk/Threat Assessment
  • Personal Security Services and Event Security
  • Specialized in various industries.
  • Trained and qualified personnel to monitor facilities and care for people.
  • This service can be performed with armed or unarmed personnel.


  • Proactive Threat Detection and Managed Response (MDR)
  • Timely incident response and repair
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Security and compliance audits
  • Consulting and security strategy
  • Email authentication services with DMARC, SPF and DKIM
  • Network security

Electronic Security

  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Monitoring Stations
  • Through live transmission of a closed circuit television system, drones and monitoring from our Control Center, we monitor and take care of the facilities remotely.
  • If necessary, we have the experience to activate emergency protocols to avoid losses.

Training and qualification:

  • We train and certify for the different positions required for specific events, so that trained personnel can carry out their necessary activities in a professional manner.
  • We have supervisory personnel who monitor and reinforce the quality of service, all of the above facilitated by the processes developed by our company.
  • Physical, field and intelligence training.

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More than 10 years
transforming cities

Renewable Energy

The benefits of energy efficiency range from reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, reducing household energy bills, reducing companies’ production costs and improving their productivity, to global benefits. for the energy system, since by reducing energy demand, the system’s own risks, investment needs in generation infrastructure, transmission and distribution networks, etc. are reduced.

We promote energy efficiency actions (technical and good practices) in the industrial, transportation, and residential sectors, in order to achieve certain levels of energy consumption and GHG emissions.

Our purpose is to reduce the energy and environmental impact of the energy system, also contributing to the achievement of the SDGs and the goals established in the NDCs.


There are more than one billion vehicles with internal combustion engines in the world. More than 100 million are added to the planet’s roads every year. This trend is not sustainable. 85% of the time, these vehicles carry a single passenger, and 90% of the time, on average, they are not even used: they are parked.

As a result of this glut of many gas-guzzling single-passenger vehicles, air pollution is increasing. Deadly in 91% of the world’s cities. And 92% of Earth’s cities have heavy, gridlocked traffic. There are more than seven million deaths a year due to air pollution and more than 1.5 Million people die each year worldwide in car accidents, mostly caused by human error. Above all, CO2 emissions, largely from electricity generated by natural gas and coal, threaten our existence on Earth and are a major cause of global warming.

In addition to the human lives lost, a recent report from the World Health Organization shows that the cost associated with air pollution exceeds $5 trillion a year. The Kyoto Protocol climate change treaty has so far failed to curb carbon emissions, as has the Paris Agreement. Governments and corporations have proven to be moving too slowly to implement these changes in time to make a significant difference.

The current transportation system is broken. We cannot advance as a species, move people and goods in this way. If we want to survive on a healthy planet, we need clean energy. We need to learn to share. It is time to eliminate the polluting, single-passenger internal combustion engine and transport people and goods in a more sustainable way, without creating traffic, pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, moving people, goods and energy, in a simple, sustainable and comfortable way.

Our ultimate vision is to use the newest technologies available to create highly efficient transit, as close to “zero carbon” as possible, without requiring the installation of expensive and time-consuming infrastructure: a “plug and play” system that can go anywhere with minimal infrastructure.

We completely redesign the concept of public transportation for the 21st century, transforming the mass transportation system into shared robotic/autonomous, self-organized, highly energy efficient, more practical, comfortable and fun.

We integrate new technologies to create a sustainable “MaaS Transit” (Mobility) as a Service, using Electric, Shared, Connected and Autonomous vehicles managed transparently with Blockchain technology and smart contracts.