We exist to optimize
resource utilization

We exist to optimize resource utilization

Our Experience

Our company has always been guided by commitment and social responsibility. Our initial objective has been to advise governments, international organizations and companies in order to improve the management of their resources, with the aim of expanding and optimizing the quality of their actions and practices. The company provides services, using best practices and / or creating new models that maximize and improve the use of resources. Our work team is not only multidisciplinary, but also international and specialized. We have a strong network of collaborators and strategic partners in the main countries of the world, resulting in a group of highly trained professionals in our team.

We accumulate a deep knowledge of public institutions in Latin America, their management systems and the public services they provide. The technical and methodological mastery accumulated in the experience developed by our team can be seen in the set of projects carried out and research carried out that make up the company’s portfolio. On the other hand, having participated in numerous technical and commercial missions to different countries in America, Asia and Europe, allow us to achieve a global knowledge of the best practices of other countries, taking into account the specific institutional, legal and technical characteristics of each country.

Our Team

Joshua Tobin


More than 18 years of experience in the creation, development and commercialization of companies. Expert in Real Estate, marketing and franchises. Lecturer and trainer in business and leadership. He has mentored thousands of professionals and executives in business and financial development.

Laura Tobin


Experience in International Markets, Finance, Investments and Insurance, as a Financial Analyst and Advisor. Development, Business Analysis and Strategic Links. Expert in International Trade, with a focus on Renewable Energies, Sustainable, Efficient and Autonomous Mobility.

More than 15 years creating and helping to develop different companies. Always focused on Innovation, which is why she has traveled the world connecting private companies, public and governmental organizations and institutions, also training on renewable energies and technologies to improve the quality of life in cities.

Ignacio Sardi

Project development technician

Technician in Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency and the Environment. Diploma in Business Sciences in Spain and Master in Project Development. 30 years of experience in Europe and Latin America. Director of the Renewable Energy Division of FUNDESCO, Foundation for the Development of Knowledge.

Tony López

Sales Manager

Solid professional experience acquired in Leadership positions in areas of Processes and Management Systems in leading international companies in the private sector (eg. Siemens SA) and Public Administration: Ministry of Production of the Nation, Secretariat for Productive Simplification, Coordination of Sector Tables; Implementation of projects, together with the most important productive sectors in the country and the Secretary of State, to reduce state bureaucracy and simplify processes, improving the competitiveness

Process and Project Management (PMI - ITBA). Siemens SA, Energy area; PM at the ANB Architecture Studio; Development of Data Center Projects of top-level National and International companies



Our goal is to develop and expand impact businesses, promoting sustainable practices throughout the entire value chain. With own funds or from investors committed to our firm, we evaluate business units, manage and make them become a reality with impact and presence in the world. We analyze and improve business plans to optimize resources and access local and international funds.


Process of total replacement of manual, analog and traditional methods of doing business with the latest digital alternatives. This type of reinvention touches all aspects of a company, institution or body, not just technology. Maintains an active organization in the face of the constant ups and downs of the market. This complete and fundamental change requires a total overhaul of culture, operations, technologies, and value delivery. And, as organizations begin the process, the migration to digital technologies affects products and services, and all channels and business processes, such as supply chains and partners.


Personalized service to our clients, to develop and expand impact businesses with highly trained personnel, adapting to the needs of each client. We are a benchmark of excellence in the market, where customers can find and discover different solutions, technological / financial, and specially selected premium quality products, as well as internationalize their products and services anywhere in the world.

GovTech - Citizen participation

The search for alternatives that brings the government closer to the citizens has been a guiding principle in the design and implementation of policies regarding citizen services in recent years; However, this process was not accompanied by an intelligent and rational use of the existing technological resources. We develop an integral and innovative system aimed at strengthening the relationship of the Municipality / Government with the citizen.

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